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Global Virtual Internships

Participate virtually in a credit-bearing internship overseas!

The College of Arts and Sciences offers students an opportunity to participate in the project, Global Virtual Internships.

It's international. Gain cultural awareness and experience.

It's accessible. No need to relocate, travel, or commute.

It's skill development. Improve your future employability.

And it gives you streamlined access to companies and countries that you may not otherwise be able to know.

Our partner, the company Virtual Internships, will find you a placement that lets you employ the skills you have and develop the skills you want.

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The Program

Who is eligible?

Any undergraduate student majoring in the core College (Arts + Humanities, Social + Historical Sciences, Natural + Mathematical Sciences) with a GPA of 2.8 or better. 

What would I do?

Through Virtual Internships, you will be able to intern -- in English, from your home -- with an innovative company in one of 70+ countries around the world. Interns must complete 120 to 150 hours of work during the spring semester (roughly 10 hours per week for 15 weeks). Virtual Internships staff provide a professional development hub that helps you identify your marketable skills and also provide coaching and support.

How much does it cost? Is the internship paid?

The internship is not paid. Students will pay a placement and coaching fee. Competitive scholarships are available.

Do I get credit?

Yes. Selected students will register for three credit hours of ASCS-X 373, the College's internship course.

What is the timeline?

Students will need to apply approximately ten weeks before the onset of the  semester of internship.

How do I get placed?

You will submit a resume and a video introduction describing who you are and what you want to do to Virtual Internships. They will identify a host company and you will have an interview to determine that it is the right fit.

What kinds of companies would I be working for?

Virtual Internships screens its host companies to ensure the internship experience they offer will be rewarding for you. About their host companies:

  1. They are changing the way companies grow by hiring diverse talent from around the world and building a global remote team
  2. They are actively disrupting their industry with new and innovative ideas and products
  3. Many are young companies and start-ups that will give you exposure to the inner workings of a growing organization
  4. 70% of interns work directly with the founder or c-suite member of their company
  5. They value diversity and inclusion, and actively encourage new ideas from their interns - you could make a real impact at your host company
  6. Many are backed by world-renowned venture capital funds

What career fields are available?

This internship can be part of your exploration of career fields. Among the fields offered by Virtual Internships that are appropriate for College majors are:

  • Legal: political science, criminal justice, international relations
  • Media, Communications, Publishing: English, foreign languages, comparative literature
  • Green Tech: biology, chemistry, environmental and sustainability studies
  • Entrepreneurship: any
  • Non-governmental/non-profit organizations: any

Virtual Internships' 18 career fields

Can I choose the country the company is in?

Not specifically, but you can indicate a preferred region. If you are highly proficient in a foreign language and want to use those skills, you may note that in your application.



Point of contact: Carolyn Lantz, Director of International Affairs, College International Office. (812) 856-9020

The Global Virtual Internships program makes real-world work experience with innovative, international companies accessible to all, regardless of your degree choice, location, or background.