Application Process

Application process

Your home university must nominate you either for an exchange program with IU’s College of Arts and Sciences, based on an exchange agreement, or for a non-degree visiting student program. Consult your home institution for application deadlines and any additional eligibility requirements. Once the College has accepted the nominations, we will invite you to apply to Indiana University for admission. Recommended deadlines to apply to IU are March 15 for Fall semester or academic year study and September 15 for Spring semester study.

Talk to the international office at your home university about its requirements for taking part in an exchange or visiting student program, including its deadlines for applying. Verify that your area of study is available at IU's College of Arts and Sciences.

Apply to your home university for the program. Your home university will then nominate you to IU’s College of Arts and Sciences and provide us with your contact information. Note: Since there is s much available in the College, it is useful if you include a statement about your academic interests!

After the College accepts your home university's nomination, you will be invited to apply for admission to IU as an exchange student or visiting student before the application deadlines.

Complete your online application with the Indiana University Office of International Services.

Students may only apply to an exchange program or visiting student program if they are officially nominated by their home university and accepted by the College.

Students applying for the exchange program must supply the following documentation, which can be uploaded during the online application process.

  • Academic transcript and current course enrollment (including translation if not in English).
  • English language test results (such as TOEFL or IELTS) if applicable.
  • Copy of your passport.

This will usually take several weeks after you submit your application. Please be sure to monitor your email, as we may have follow-up questions about your application or require additional information. Once you are admitted, you will receive an IU identification number and paperwork that will allow you to complete the remaining steps. The College will be in touch with you to facilitate this process.

Your admissions packet will include instructions and forms from Indiana University that you will use to apply for your visa.

After you have been accepted to IU, you will be given information on how to apply for housing through Residential Programs and Services.

The College has a designated academic advisor for international programs who will assist you with course registration before your arrival. Be sure to consult with faculty and staff at your home university as well, so that you know how classes at IU might transfer back to your degree program.

You will need to obtain proper health insurance for your time in the United States.

You will pay tuition and fees to your home university as usual for the semester(s) you are in Indiana. You will also incur fees, such as room and board, at Indiana University, that you will pay after your arrival in Bloomington.

The closest airport to Bloomington is Indianapolis International Airport (IND). You should wait to purchase tickets until after you have received your visa and you have received the date you are expected to arrive at IU for orientation.

We have all the seasons! No matter which semester you plan to be in Bloomington, you will need clothes for both hot (85 ℉/ 30 ℃) and cold (20 ℉/ -7 ℃) weather, as well as for a wide range of activities.