ASPIRE Exchanges

ASPIRE Exchanges

Arts + Sciences Programs for International Research and Education (ASPIRE): Student exchange programs

What’s an exchange program?

It’s a semester or year-long study abroad opportunity for College majors with the College’s partner universities (and their students come here too!)

Why would I choose ASPIRE Exchange?

  • It’s an immersive intercultural experience. You are enrolled directly in the host university overseas.
  • It gives you a chance to be independent and develop self-reliance.
  • It’s not expensive. It costs about the same as attending IU Bloomington.
  • It allows you to make progress on your degree.

While knowing the language of the host country is obviously an advantage, students may take a full slate of English-taught classes at all partners except USFQ in Ecuador.

See below for our partner university listings.

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Applying for an Exchange

Please be sure to present a thoughtful application. Students apply for a specific partner university; you may apply for more than one but you will need to complete separate applications. You may also apply for another study abroad program through the IU Education Abroad (formerly Office of Overseas Study) and if you are accepted for both, you can choose later.

Check out what is needed for an application.

Application information

You will find fact sheets and other information on our exchange programs below.

Course Equivalencies

Some courses at our partner universities are already approved for equivalent IU courses.

Given the wide range of disciplines in the College, most courses are not reflected on those lists. In that case, the College can review the courses a student takes abroad to determine how they would be articulated as IU courses.

These lists include credit conversion and grade conversion charts.

Course Equivalencies ListsHow-To Guide

Individualized Minor

Apply courses taken abroad to an Individualized Minor!

You can craft a minor based on your own interests, and fulfill the requirements while you study abroad on an ASPIRE Exchange program. Your minor might include features of the country you study in, or take advantage of subjects where your host university offers more options than IU does.

Combine the courses you take overseas with courses at IUB totaling 15 credit hours to curate an individualized minor. Undistributed courses may count. Review the requirements at the IMP site here  and then schedule a meeting with Mia Ranard through SAS.


National Chengchi University, Taipei

National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taipei is one of East Asia’s top schools, especially in the social sciences, with a well-developed program for students that includes Mandarin language classes.

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Ruby the cat portrays a sophomore studying history at Indiana University. He's thinking about studying abroad in Europe during his junior year.  (Credit: Cody Thompson)  

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