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News + Events

Indiana University and the College of Arts and Sciences are alive with exciting international activities, lectures, projects, and many more opportunities, on campus and abroad.

College Freshmen!

It's a great idea to plan for study abroad early in your college career. Knowing that you want to spend a semester abroad in your junior year, for example, you can plan your course schedule in your first two years to accommodate that. You can take courses in your major overseas, and you can also save some GenEds and electives, add a minor (perhaps an Individualized Minor that you design yourself), and consider any required sequencing of courses for your major. Tell your academic advisor you want to study abroad.

Also, don't let the cost get you down. There are affordable options to study abroad and scholarships are available. IU Education Abroad and the College International Office can help you navigate your options.

IU Global Initiatives

Client-based International Projects (CLIP) Program

Do you teach a course with a client-based project where students partner with companies or organizations to solve real-world problems (or do you want to)? The CLIP Program supports faculty to implement a client-based project in their course.

Global Classrooms

Pair a class already being taught at IU with a parallel course taught at a foreign university. The course can be about any topic and is not limited to study with an international focus.

Diplomacy Lab

The U.S. Department of State seeks faculty and students to conduct research and develop a final work product that addresses the real-world issues and goals.

Opportunity for Grad Students

Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE) is a fully-funded, two-week fellowship program in professional ethics and ethical leadership that approaches the study of professional ethics by examining the actions and choices of German and international journalists in covering and enabling Nazi policies. It then draws on this historical example to help Journalism Fellows grasp their responsibility as professionals in their field and in their communities and to identify and confront the ethical issues currently facing practicing journalists and media outlets at large. The program takes place in Germany and Poland at the sites of Nazi history, allowing Fellows to benefit from the power of the place and immersive, contextual learning. Due January 2, 2024.