Ganghui Suh

Tell us about how you found your second major.

I came to IU with an interest in studying psychology, and after arriving here, I took some introductory courses that confirmed that interest. On one hand, I knew what I wanted and I found it here. But I found more. The College requires students to take courses outside of their major, and I chose to take a Criminal Justice course to fulfill one of those required courses. I liked the content, so I talked to the professor and decided to add a minor in Criminal Justice. Eventually, I turned it into a double major.

Your major presents some unique opportunities outside of the classroom. Can you tell us more about those experiences?

I did a special program in Psychology for a Certificate in Clinical Psychology. It offers more specificity in terms of academic research, and mine looks at psychology and how it relates to the community. I’m taking a practicum class with an internship at a research institute in Bloomington. Their work focuses on community-based needs, such as how to help community members stop smoking. They look at research factors and see how they could be applied in real life.

I’ve also worked in a research lab for about a year and a half. The research isn’t exactly in my field of interest, but it’s good experience. Students who work in labs are more likely to have internships because they are more connected and talk more with grad students and professors. Depending on the industry, though, research experience is as important as internships.

IU has a lot of programs you didn’t know you were looking for. Being exposed to one required Criminal Justice course changed my whole future.

Ganghui Suh

How have the resources in the College of Arts and Sciences helped you?

The Psychological and Brain Sciences department is very helpful, and the advising services are amazing – they help with everything. They are very proactive in helping students, and they’ve been able to provide me with information about careers. My advisors also connected me to faculty in my field.

In general, faculty have a good relationship with students. Even in a large class, some of them try to remember students’ names and help when you have questions.

How has your experience here shaped your perspective?

I got to experience and be exposed to different cultures here. Being an IU student opened up lots of gates for me. IU is diverse – there are people from everywhere, and the people are nice and accepting. I had many different experiences with different cultures and people. As a Psychology student, I have career opportunities and things I’m interested in studying. IU has a lot that you didn’t know you were looking for (like accidentally finding Criminal Justice). Being exposed to that one required course changed my whole future.

Also, the IU and U.S. academic systems allow for movement. The doors are open to you, all you have to do is reach out. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you can change. And by exploring, you can find something you like.

Why should an international student consider coming to IU?

  • Lovely campus
  • A great faculty
  • Opportunities in internships, to interact with professors, and to benefit from departments that are eager to send students to the actual scene of their career interest

Is it possible to sum up your experience here in one sentence?

I can do it in one word: Opportunity.

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