International Initiatives Grant Program

International Initiatives: Call for Proposals

The College values its international connections – for faculty and students, at individual and organizational levels – and seeks interesting ways to expand and diversify its connections. In this spirit, the College International Office is issuing a call for applications from College faculty who seek support for innovative international scholarly projects. This invitation is an opportunity for faculty and departments to bring their creative ideas for international activity to the Executive Dean’s office.

Note: This program will no longer be available after June 30, 2024.

The Program

Under this call, these international initiatives are ones that:

  • Deepen the College’s and/or the department’s international engagement, including traditional scholarly work and educational programs with meaningful scholarly goals;
  • Provide a visible and worthwhile activity that will create ongoing benefits to IU faculty or students;
  • Cannot be easily funded through other available IU, state, regional, national, or international programs;
  • Incorporate innovative scholarly or educational goals; and/or
  • Promise positive outcomes that can be continued or replicated.

All projects must have a clear international component – collaboration with university faculty, staff, or students overseas, instruction by or for international participants, international content, etc.

This call is specifically designed to have breadth of scope so that novel ideas may emerge and get support where they otherwise might lack funding. Keep the projects modest and manageable, but impactful.

The Terms

  • Full-time tenure-track or non-tenure track faculty, including research scientists, are eligible to apply.
  • The term “department” is used for brevity, but refers to any department, center, institute, program, or office in the College of Arts and Sciences’ three divisions and three schools.
  • An individual or a team may submit an application.
  • Awards will typically be about $2,500 to $5,000, although grants as low as $1,000 and as high as $10,000 are possible.
  • Recipients should plan to spend funds within two years of receipt.
  • Individual research is not an appropriate project.

The Application

A complete submission consists of:

You will upload the next three items as attachments to the application form.

  • A project outline, three pages maximum, describing the project and addressing these points:
Purpose and rationale
How it will be implemented and by whom
Deliverables and Beneficiaries
The lead applicant’s or the team’s qualifications relevant to the project.

  • A budget (Excel budget worksheet that shows calculations, plus a budget narrative if necessary to explain or justify line items)
  • A one-page letter or email indicating departmental support and stating how the project to contributes to the department and the College. The statement should be from the chair of the department or the director of a center or office. If the department leadership is applying, include a letter from another senior member of the department faculty.

The Deadline


The Review Criteria

The review committee will rate each application on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated need for the project (why this matters)
  • Departmental support (how the project relates to departmental goals and other initiatives)
  • Clarity
  • Feasibility
  • Appropriateness of budget
  • Contribution to the portfolio of international projects in the College (e.g., geographic or disciplinary diversity)
  • Unique characteristics of the project


College International will contact applicants with a decision within three weeks of submission.