ASPIRE Semester Programs

ASPIRE Semester

Arts + Sciences Programs for International Research and Education (ASPIRE)

What does your dream study abroad program look like? It’s probably not just sitting in a classroom. We bet it is experiential – out with the sights and sounds that make living in another part of the world so electric – and also interdisciplinary –  weaving together all the disparate threads that make up the rich tapestry of places like Italy or Ireland.

But it also needs to fit into your studies, right?

With this in mind, the College of Arts and Sciences designed the ASPIRE Semester program: IU credits, IU faculty, IU students, but thousands of miles away in an enticing and exotic location.

In Italy, students hike Mt. Vesuvius with an IU geologist, explore Roman ruins with a Classics professor, bring Art History to life through frescos seen in situ, and taste Italian history through food.

In Ireland, students travel to Galway Bay's Aran islands for your folklore class, visit trad music sessions, go to Dublin for a look at the Famine Museum, and spend time in the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht with local Irish families.

Course topics encompass the breadth of College knowledge and meet requirements in both GenEd and CASE designations. Students will also fulfill GenEd World Languages and Culture requirement through this international experience.

The cost of these programs is generally comparable to IU estimates for a semester in Bloomington and financial aid can apply to the bursar account per the standard process.

NOTE: ASPIRE Semester will not be offered again after the Spring 2024 programs.

Greek ruins at Paestum.
Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, Ireland
View of Salerno from the mountains. Rachel Casper
Ruins of an Irish church.
Salerno, Italy
View of Galway Cathedral.

ASPIRE Programs

Information on each specific program is listed on their webpages.